No more bottle water with EMS

The current economic system is built on “wanting something  a little newer & a little sooner” – planned obsolescence by Bernard London, documented on the ‘The Lightbulb Conspiracy’ on YouTube,

I highly recommend everyone to watch this video and the effect it has on the planet which is programmed into the human psychic and behaviors to deliberately  abuse the resources of the planet.

Bottle water is one of those things that are an off-spring of this monster’s planned obsolescence design as a way of life.  We are so deep into this pattern of behaviors which everything is a necessity or convenience .  Why is it the way it’s b/c the very system of inequality / current money system drives the need to produce products not for longevity or quality, but for shorter life-span, quantatively to produce the necessary result (PROFITS).  We live in this profit mode running around like ‘rat-racing’ trying to catch up with everyone and everything inside the mind as competitors.  Hence as to why bottle water has spawn out of this as an outflow of lifestyle to sustain this monster system.

Bottle water is made of plastic which an extract of petroleum and natural gas. .  The drive for an ever increase in profit making, industries all over the world are disregarding the effect and safe for human, animals and ecology.  According to wikipedia’s since 1950s, one billion tons of plastic have been discarded and may persist for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Plastic has many forms when in the final stage of their completion process.  Some are added with different types of chemical (Toxic & Cancerous) to make it more or less malleable and strength for different purposes.  Due to this some cannot or difficult to recycled or disposed of properly b/c of the added toxic chemicals which can be harmful to animals, human.

The reason for bottle water to exist is b/c of the need for convenience and the economic survival of the design of the system / current money system.  This system is the source of the driving force which spawn this necessity.  Everyone who is living here on earth is force into a race for survival.  Thus bottle water is accommodating this needs which we call economic engine & ‘supply and demand’.   Even though we have the sciencetific understanding of the consequences and damages of plastic posed to the environment and inhabitants (animals, plants, human).  We’ll compromise it either by profit mode or survival mode depend on each one circumstances.  Essentially it’s a trap with only one way out!

To go against the system is futile by every means.  We have to take it into a route which will guide us through this mess & that’s an Equal Money System by one man one vote.  By any other mean is using force which is a violation of your own welfare and your neighbor.

A democratic means of putting an Equality System / Equal Money System is a way to support everyone where we will not be in a ‘rat-race’ for someone who is dictating our way of life through economic means.  But everyone is supporting everyone with common sense.  As this is the way of support where each one is fully supported with all necessity requirements (foods, water, shelter) income.

The current system is a “fear driven system” b/c its inability to support us & inadequately providing us safe water, foods, etc…  Thus we would go out of our ways to seek safe water by purchasing bottle water.  WTF!

With an equal money all water will treated and provided with the utmost care to nourish the body as if it was  your own or your child.  Thus all water will be provided for free with the highest quality possible for health and well being of the human physical body.  Bottle water will no longer be needed & the waste of by-product of chemicals to produce plastic bottle will also be eliminated.

Equal Money System will make your healthier!

Thank you for reading, please support the Equal Money System with your research, ideas, time, funds to fulfill this endeavor for the health and well being of yourself & your family.

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Should doctor get pay the same as other occupations?

1. Should a doctor get the same pay as other occupations?

I would like to rephrase this question into a proper way where it’s in alignment with Equality & as an expression as life.

2. Should a doctor be supported to have an optimum expression as life as every other  expression as life that’s existing within this world?

The first question comes from the current money, political, & social systems of inequality where we have created value b/c the doctor has the ability & higher education so, there for he/she is more valuable. Hence we’ve left out, disregard, & inconsiderate of those who are not doctor and has created a different scale of values for life which is a result of a ‘judgmental value’ of high & low level of physical & social support for LIFE which is unacceptable.

But if we ask from a perspective of Equality from the second question above, then I would say that a doctor should be supported to the optimum expression as life in terms of physical, social support as any other individual with different skill, ability, & expression as life. As this way is a noble way and it will support every human beings equally as a doctor to have an optimum expression as life.

Our current view of the doctor is more valuable b/c we believed that he/she has more skills therefore he/she is able to save lives. But then again does a electrical mechanic who has different ability, skill, expression as life is maintaining and fixing that electrical generator which is supplying the power supply to the hospital equipments to maintain and sustain all the lives within it. Isn’t it also the same for the individual who’s maintaining & preparing the equipment and surgical supplies who has different ability, skill, & expression as life providing his/her technical skills to keep, maintaining the equipments from being contaminated from dangerous germs, bacterial, virus which also will save the lives of patients that are under-going or recovering from an operation. The point is each and all should be physical supported to optimize their abilities, skills, & expression as life equally no matter who they are or what skill, ability they possesses. Let not one be under supported as an expression as life b/c it’s detrimental to the success of an operation as a whole within a system of support.

Equal Money System will be able to support all expression as life equally within this world & will not judge which skill, ability, & expression as life. We then can truly live the message of the US constitution’s where ‘All men are created equal’, thus all men should be physically & socially supported as equal as an expression as life.

I ask you to see if this is not a noble way to support all expression as life as equal?

Please support Equal Money System


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Man know thyself

‘Man know thyself’

We must go to the root of man to understand man.

Look at yourself as you’re the problem & you’re the solution.

To correct the problem of inequality is to be equal & one with quality – Equality

That’s why Desteni suggested the tools (Self Forgiveness) to bring you back to you. You giving you back to yourself  – Equality

We live in systems (political, economic, social) that is made by us. So common sense is to have a system of us for us to be equal & one with quality – Equality

Yes you are the solution to you!

Money it’s but a resource to get other resouces. When you’re getting resources you’re getting it from someone.  Equal Money is getting resources equally from each one so everyone can have equal resources.

The message of Jesus’s:

‘love thy neighbor as thyself’- to understand your starting point – Equality

‘give onto another as you would like to receive’ is equality in resource giving

Remove the label and ideas within yourself to be clear of yourself – Self Forgiveness

Within these contexts Tao signifies the primordial essence or fundamental nature of the universe. In the foundational text of Taoism, the Tao Te Ching, Laozi explains that Tao is not a ‘name’ for a ‘thing’ but the underlying natural order of the universe whose ultimate essence is difficult to circumscribe. Tao is thus “eternally nameless” (Dao De Jing-32. Laozi) and to be distinguished from the countless ‘named’ things which are considered to be its manifestations.

‘High & low depend on each other’

The physical law of nature is – Equality

When you breath in oxygen & exhaling carbon dioxide you’re participating in the law of the physical within equality – the plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen, thus it’s equal in one within the system of equality.

Desteni’s message is Oneness & Equality

To remove the name, label & ideas of yourself is but to become a man, thus man be one & equal with yourself as man – Equality

Thank you for reading, please investigate Self Forgiveness, Self Honesty, Self Responsibility with the following links below:

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Gesture of greeting from a Sari Dancer‏

What’s your starting point as word & wordless





We are equal to what we’ve created within ourselves as a starting point.

Namaste (Devanagari: नमस्ते; formal: Namaskar/Namaskaram) is a common spoken greeting or salutation originating from the Indian subcontinent. It is a customary greeting when individuals meet, and a salutation upon their parting. A non-contact form of salutation is traditionally preferred in India and Namaste is the most common form of such a salutation. In Nepal, younger persons usually initiate the exchange with their elders. Initiating the exchange is seen as a sign of respect in other hierarchical settings.

When spoken to another person, it is commonly accompanied by a slight bow made with hands pressed together, palms touching and fingers pointed upwards, in front of the chest. This gesture, called Abhinandan,[1] Añjali Mudrā or Pranamasana, can also be performed wordlessly and carries the same meaning.

In Sikh scripture Namaste, Namastung or Namastvung is referenced as salutation to the Primal being, the One God.[citation needed] The salutation is followed by an attribute respecting a quality of the creator of all religions, Akal.[

In essence when the word NAMASTE is used it’s to express “My God is in your God & your God is in my God”- we’re one in the same.

“We’re made of sound, so the question is what kind of frequency are you emitting?”-Bernard Poolman

Thank you for reading, please investigate the Desteni’s webiste & links to learn more of ‘Oneness & Equality”, the MIND’s construct, Self Honesty, Self Responsibility, & Self Forgiveness to bring about a ‘Heaven on Earth’ with the Equal Money System.

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The Social Debate

The mind is a debating machine to always put the conversation into a polarity-uncertainty within the physical reality.  I mean if I was to tell someone with self interest that the earth rotate towards the sun light which rise from the east & set in the west of the earth position.  To try to bring a point of common sense would be no – uncommon sense.

The mind is constantly at “WAR” within uncertainty of its own creation-self fucked.

The mind tries to emulate the physical with polarity effect.  Which works in the opposite effect of the resulted outcome-more destruction.

Example:  in the physical each one has to breath in & out which would resulted inhalation of oxygen & exhalation of carbon dioxide which benefits the plants & humans together as a whole-physical system within the principle of Oneness & Equality.

What happens when the mind which is a reflection of you, likened the image of you in the mirror attempt the same process of inhalation & exhalation?  You can see the process with no result & instead it’s only a reflection, a projection to make itself real, but in fact it’s not.  The mind would justify its existence with a more sophisticated approach with POLARITY the ideas of LOVE & HATE, INFERIORITY & SUPERIORITY, etc…

From this single idea of POLARITY (LOVE & HATE), the mind put iself in this position of uncertainty to justify its existence with a debate.

This is why we see so much debates in the media of ‘Polarity’ construct & never any substantial for the physical development of the human endevour of what’s best for all – common sense.  It’s always end up without common sense & to abuses.

The human being is always a human being meaning we cannot label it as a social construct of the mind.

The social construct of the mind is a limited design of label, ie. Capitalism, socialism, communism, democracy, Democrat, Republican, West & East.  Even with religions, ie. Christian, Muslim, Christianity, Islam, Buddhist, Hindu, Budhism, Hinduism, Beliver, Non-Beliver, atheism, theism, agnosticism.  But in fact the mind is all of these “Human-ism” more or less depending on the physical circumstances of its desire & interest (thoughts).  WTF!

What should be done is to look through all of social constructs & bring together a point of clarity within the principle of LIFE in alignment with the physical as ‘Oneness & Equality’.

The principle LIFE is Oneness & Equality, Doing what’s best for all, the laws of the physical, Self responsibility, Self Honesty.

What we can say is that the MIND is limited within its construct of its existence & will never be able to realized that we are truly all together as LIFE as Oneness & Equality.

Self Honesty, Self Responsibility, Self Forgiveness

Thank you for reading, please investigate the Debate within the MIND’s construction with the following links below:

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A LIFE & LIFE Situation

Yes this is hard to believe but there is YOU & the MIND occupying the same space & time. LOL!

The MIND is like the super computer IBM’s ‘Deeper Blue’ AIX Operating System.

This super computer has the capability to calculate 200 million positions per second or 100-200 billion moves within 3 minutes. LOL!

Whereas the best human player Gary Kasparov “Grand champion chest player” can calculate 2-3 positions per second. LOL!

That is why an Operation System / machine can magnify its capabilities, which eventually will exceed and overcome the human’s ability to calculate his position.

The MIND is a super program, which essentially it’s like IBM’s ‘Deeper Blue’ AIX Operating System ability to eventually defeat a human “grand champion chest player”. LOL!

Realized that we’re the originator/creator of our thought, feeling, & emotion
(opionated), energetic reaction behavior.  The MIND takes this one point and magnifies it into multiple experiences of thoughts, feelings & emotions (opionated).  The experiences (opinionated) will have magnified overtime until we’ve succumbed to the MIND’s programs.


Each time we are not one and equal to the mind we’ve separated ourselves and then we’ve succumbed to the MIND’s programs.  The MIND’s programs have the ability to outlast & outdo us every time; b/c time is against us.  You know this b/c a machine don’t
even take a rest, break, or refuel, but a human does.  A human being can peak, but eventually we will fall.  It won’t last this is guaranteed!

We’re defeated from our starting point of Self Dishonesty.


Within this equation of calculation the human will have succumbed to the MIND’s programs in separation.


But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Instead of we direct ourselves from a starting point of LIFE = ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself’ = ‘do to another as we would like them do onto us’ = ‘doing what’s best for all” = Equal Money System = EQUALITY = LIFE.

Yes this is my POINT directing yourself & the MIND equal & one as LIFE.

The starting point is LIFE then the outcome can only be LIFE.

It’s a LIFE & LIFE situation!

The Desteni’s message ‘Oneness & Equality’ is exactly that.

Please investigate Self & the MIND’s programs & its functions with these links

Self Honesty

Self Responsibility

& Self Forgiveness

To bring about a “Heaven on Earth”

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Responsibility – Self Responsibility

When people hear this word ‘Responsibility’ they “CRINGE” & as if they’ve lost something near & dear to them.  Yes that’s strange b/c the notion of lost of something is the mind’s effect of FEAR.  FEAR of Lost & FEAR of I’m giving away something so near & dear to me = ‘Power’.  If I m accepting responsibility I will take somebody shits.

Fucked up shit, huh?

In the current system b/c each one is living in an inequality system where everybody is fending for themselves and their SURVIVAL.  Yes this is the reason & that we’ve based ourselves on what we’ve accepted and allowed to exist & to direct us.  Also to accepted and allowed religions as our savior, where something within our mind’s illusion that‘s going to take responsibility for the shits we’ve created and expect redemption for what we’ve accepted and allowed to exist in the first place.  We’ll goes as far as deny it by saying…

“It’s not my fault” just to protect our existence

“Denied at all cost”

“Blame others”

“Say it’s not me”

“God told me to do it”

Yes this is the current shit way.

The word responsibility is being used and abused extensively in the Survival’s system and its based on inequality that’s rooted in FEAR, POWER, CONTROL, MANUPULATION, DECEPTION, GREED, SPITEFULNESS… causing us to CRINGE, or at least pause to see what’s in for ME? It’s abused within the current system where self will abdicate Self responsibility for financial gain, benefit, profit.

This usually ends up in abusive of both ways?

If the abuser is abusing me, then I will demand for something in returns (MONEY) & I don’t care whether you’ll abuse someone of something.

A spiral of abuses take place.

Like the economic theory ‘s of “trickle down effect” where everyone abuses.

It’s the ‘Pointing the Finger’ effects

It’s the ‘Middle Road’ effects

Fuck up shit huh?

Who’s ending up paying for this (MONEY)?

It will be human beings, animals, plants, earth resources, etc…

This is b/c money is the deciding factors which will be linked to all of the above.

So we need a system which will take the abuses out where Self will be the directive principle of Self responsibility & not abusing Self & others.

The Equal Money System is the foundation which one can take the directive principle of self responsibility back to self and if abuses take place it can be identified.

People who are against the equal money system & electronic microchip tracking system b/c they know that their ability to be self irresponsible, cheat, deceit, manipulate will be revealed.

They also know that this will force them to be self responsible, which will violate their core principle of “freedom”- to abuses.

Fucked up shit, huh?

In an Equal Money System each one will have enough to be an effective human being, where one will not be subjected to the survival factors & self can direct self within the directive principle of Self responsibility for self & others.

Please investigate the following links to understand more of

Self Responsibility

Self Honesty

Self forgiveness

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